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“Happiness is not something ready made.
It comes from your own actions.”
-the Dalai Lama
Psychological consultation lends itself very well to video technology. No longer bound by geography, the expertise of a psychologist can extend to anywhere that a visual connection can be made.
- Here are a few reasons why people seek video, text or subscription conferencing:
-You have a previously-established therapy relationship with Dr. Musello
-You’re seeking a specific expertise that is not available in your geographic area
-You’re seeking a one-time consult on what is needed to address a specific issue, such as a parenting problem or a traumatic event
-You’re high profile and wish to maintain a distance between your therapy and your community
-You’re in a remote area
As of now, most insurance companies do not cover therapy by Tele-conferencing. I offer Tele-conferencing through Healthtap. As a member of Healthtap, you can access both free information and different levels of treatment at modest prices. Healthtap has, as its resource, doctors of every specialty from all over the country who believe in the future of online communication as an effective, respectful treatment option. And the Healthtap platform assures that you have interactions which meet the privacy standards of our federal  HIIPA law, enacted in 1996 to protect your clinical and medical information privacy.You can check it out here, https://www.healthtap.com   
Or click on one of the options to the right in My Virtual Practice.
Visit the Virtual Practice of Dr. Christine Musello on HealthTap
“These technologies can make life easier, can let us touch people we might not otherwise... 
These things  can profoundly influence life. 
 I'm not downplaying that.”
-Steve Jobs